Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag
  • Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag
  • Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag
  • Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag

Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag

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Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag
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Long-billed Dog Odor Charcoal Bag, Activated Bamboo Charcoal Car Decoration, Car Ornaments, Car Toys

* Product function : use of bamboo charcoal far infrared ray greenhouse effect and the anion and strong adsorption effect, can effective adsorption odor, adjust the humidity, can put in car within furnishing to can rise to purify in-car air role! Still have radiation-proof function well, can put in the computer shielding electromagnetic radiation.
* Product advantage: feel soft, colourful, modelling is lovely
* Introduction: charcoal
Bamboo charcoal is born five years for raw materials, bamboo above the mountains near QianDu the high temperature burn becomes a charcoal. Bamboo charcoal quality hard, its molecules porous, a super fine adsorption ability, bamboo charcoal contains minerals, and produce anion and release the far infrared, can purify air, odor removal, moisture absorption mouldproof, adjusting humidity, bacteriostatic insecticide and cut off the effect such as electromagnetic radiation. With human body contact can go to wet absorb sweat, promote human blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue. Bamboo charcoal by scientific refining processing, has been widely used in daily life.
* Bamboo charcoal nine function
1, adsorption
2, release the far infrared ray
3, release negative ions
4, release trace elements
5, control microbial propagation
6, regulating crops growth
7, insecticide sterilization
8, antioxidant
9, electrostatic shielding and prevent electromagnetic radiation


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