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Gold/Diamond points

Gold Points FAQ --- Read Before Order
1) What is Emsm Gold Points?
Gold Points is a currency which you can get discount or member upgrade at Emsm.com. When you get 1000 pending points, please contact us, and we will upgrade you to our Silver VIP customer.

2) How to gain Gold Points?
You can win Gold Points in the following ways.
a) Write product text review
b) Upload product image review
c) Upload product video review
d) Report product error

You can find all this entrance in the product detail page.

3) How to spend the Gold Points?
100 Gold Points=US$1.00
You can use your Gold Points to upgrade to Silver VIP member, Gold VIP member or Diamond VIP member. Please check details in VIP programs.

Sweet Points VIP
0 General
1000 Silver VIP
5000 Golden VIP
10000 Diamond VIP

VIP Discount
General Original Price
Silver VIP 0-1%
Golden VIP 1-2%
Diamond VIP 2-3%

You can also redeem points. All redeem product at this link: 
4) How to submit video?

Please read below link for detail video uploading. 
4) How to share shopping experience in other forums?

Please read below link for detail about shopping sharing on forums or community.



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